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  Marc Bristol & Okie Doke - the latest band: Left to Right:
Bob Merrihew, Gaby Maag-Bristol, Marc Bristol, Dan Taylor - The band has evolved into the Honky Tonk Sweethearts
. Gaby began playing bass with us in 2003, and we eventually decided to name the band after the duo we perform as more and more frequently. We have now released "Snake Charmin' Baby," a CD featuring our first 4 song EP plus several live radio performances, some live show clips and a couple of home studio recordings. Additionally we have released "Feel Like Flying," for the first time on CD (a cassette release from 1990) with 3 bonus tracks. See links to the right!

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 Don't Be Blue
From Live At The EMP (or watch the video below!)

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Rollin' Along
From Best of Marc Bristol - Country, Vol. 2

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Feel Like Flying
From Feel Like Flying

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All the titles here can be ordered through Paypal online, or 1-425-788-2776
(office hours 12 - 8 pm PST, but leave a message anytime - we'll get back to you!),
or send checks to Blue Suede News, Box 25E, Duvall, WA 98019-0025.

Okie Doke at Sandblast 7/24/11 singing Buck Owens' "I Don't Care (if the sun don't shine)"

Okie Doke at Sandblast in Duvall 7/24/11 "All Night Long With You" from Marc's CD "On The Edge Of Romance"

Here's Marc's own song "Glad You Come To Visit" from Sandblast 2011! (from the CD of the same title)

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Here's a video of "Sweet Misery Moan" from the show!

Here's a video of "Let's Boogie from the show!

Marc Bristol & Okie Doke at Seattle's Little Red Hen. Left to Right: Orville
Johnson, Matt Weiner, Doug Bright, Marc Bristol

Here's Marc and Gaby at Sandblast in Duvall, 2006.

Here's Okie Doke at Sandblast 2011, with Marc singing his own "Glad You Come To Visit (on the ol' bayou)," which is on The Best Of Marc Bristol - Country - Vol. 2 and also on the File Gumbo CD Bon Ton Two Tone.

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Marc's New CD Bristol Rockin' - Click here to buy!
Rockabilly Rhythm & Blues
On The Edge Of Romance: The Best Of Marc Bristol - Country, Vol. 1
Glad You Come To Visit: The Best of Marc Bristol Country, Vol. 2
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Available Now ­ Okie Doke Live at the EMP!
Opening there for Asleep At The Wheel!
Also Bluegrass Blend with Marc Bristol & Okie Doke

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 Okie Doke was started in the fall of 1975 (by Marc Bristol, Dan Kersten and Quentin Rhoton) as the Okie Doke Stringband, playing regularly for breakfast & tips at the infamous local Duvall eatery The Silver Spoon Restaurant. Although press coverage for our type of act was scant (we were kinda like High Noon, but more hillbilly - we called ourselves a Country-Western-Bluegrass- Ragtime-Rockabilly-Jugband at one point), we felt this comment in a review of the record by Trace Porter in Milkshake Mademoiselle was most apt: " Bob Wills meets Elvis and Dan Hicks at a bar in the Twilight Zone...". A very few copies of the original EP are still available, but the original picture sleeves ran out - we can only offer a nice photocopy on tan paper. $10 ppd. from Blue Suede News -with "Snake Charmin' Baby", "Coot From Tennessee", "Milk Cow Blues" and "Let's Boogie".


Dan Kersten, Quentin Rhoton, Marc Bristol photo by Brent Thorgren

Check out Dan Kersten's "Colonel Sandals" page!

"Struttin' Chickens" - Original Okie Doke Band - May '81
"Memphis" - Original Okie Doke Band - Good Earth Expo May '81


 Okie Doke still gigs, and our second recording was the LP "This Feelin'" by Marc Bristol with the Okie Doke Band & Friends (1982) - 11 tunes, 9 of which are Bristol originals in the country-folk-bluegrass-swing vein. The Valley Record said: "As comfortable as a well-worn pair of Levis". Includes local favorites such as "Seattle Zoo" and "Goin' Down To The River" and several hot NW pickers such as Orville Johnson, Pete Martin & Marty "Dr. Slide" Lepore. Only $6 ppd. in the U.S.A. from Blue Suede News.

 The photo at right features Okie Doke's '90s four piece lineup:Top row - Marc Bristol (guitar, washboard, harmonica, kazoo, vocals), Gregg Glassman (bass, vocals, guitar). Bottom Row - Orville Johnson (dobro, banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals), Doug Bright (fiddle, vocals, mandolin, accordion). The group works sometimes as a 3 piece, without bass, but also works with drums as a 5 piece band. The recording "Feel Like Flying" actually features Joe Anderson on upright bass (still an optional lineup person) and Peter LaPonte on drums. Peter has left the area and is currently managing a country music festival in Oregon. 



Here's Okie Doke at our biggest gig ever, opening for Reba McEntire at the KMPS Listener Appreciation Day Picnic at the King County Fairgrounds in Enumclaw in 1984. there were 15,000 people there, and it's the year Reba won her first award for 'Best New Female Artist' or whatever it was. Left to right: Dr. Q, Jim McLaughlin, Richard Shaw (drummer, hidden behind Marc), Marc Bristol, Mark Sanders.

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 Here's an interesting promo shot of Okie Doke from 1978, taken by Tom Mathieson. It once ran right next to an ad for the movie "Jaws" to promote one of our Seattle gigs, and appeared several times in local Weeklies out in the Valleys where we lived and played frequently. Clockwise from Upper Left: Quentin Rhoton, Marc Bristol, Dan Kersten, Larry VanOver. Larry has recently revived the PH Phactor Jugband, along with John Brown and various players du jour! Dan and his wife Pam live on Bainbridge Island. We haven't heard from Q.lately, but believe he's still living on Mercer Island.