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It is my extreme honor to find myself on Van Ramsey's list of top 2011 albums, along with 2 of my all-time favorite artists in MartĒ Brom and Dale Watson! You can check out Van's show 'Pull The String' on KSER at 90.7 (from Everett, WA) or find it archived on the web at

1. Petunia and the Vipers: Petunia and the Vipers
2. The Hilltones: The Hilltones
3. El Jimador: Resurrection
4. Marti' Brom: Not For Nothin'
5. Izzy Cox: Killing My Kind
6. The Sugar Daddys: I'm Bad For You
7. The Tomorrowmen: It's About Time
8. The Shivering Denizens: Crooked and Crazy
9. Dale Watson: The Sun Sessions
10. Marc Bristol and the Harmatones: Bristol Rockin'
11. Tom Waits: Bad As Me

The first session for this CD was done after Rockabilly Rhythm & Blues came out, with Dave Conant on lead guitar for 3 of the tracks. We'd been called the Shack Shakers in honor of Sid King’s song and Leon Berman’s “Shake The Shack” radio show, but when Dave Conant passed away, and another band began touring nationally with a similar name, it was time to change. The guitar I played on several of these songs (6, 7, 9, 10) is a modified Silvertone (deArmond neck pickup), made in the Harmony factory in Chicago, and I call it my Harmatone. We decided that would work for the band name too. Thanks to Roy Kay for having me play the Elvis birthday Tribute show where Gaby took the cover photo, and to drummer Ricky McCann (who backed me at Hemsby, and you can see the Harmatone guitar in a couple videos from Hemsby linked at the Rockabilly Rhythm & Blues site below) for letting me photograph his tattoo for the back photo and CD label. Thanks especially to all the fine musicians who have helped make these recordings, and to Joe Anderson for hosting the recording session where we cut the most recent tracks.
Read much more about the songs in the 4 page booklet!

"nice mix of 50s Rock and a hint of Country." -Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys

Review from
Roctober's 20th anniversary issue #50

Sunday, January 29, 2012
Marc Bristol and the Harmatones “Bristol Rockin’”

(King Noodle) This may not be a popular opinion amongst the pompadour crowd, but my fave rockabilly usually falls into the novelty realm – the “Flying Saucer Rock n Roll,” “Haunted House” and “Rockin Bones”  vibes. So get Mr. Bristol –- known around these parts for his writing and publishing more than his pickin’ and grinnin’ -- to garnish some hot rockabilly with lyrics about about Mexican food, a persuasive penis, and the power of “Tutti Frutti” and you won’t hear me complainin’. Hear that….that’s me not complainin’!

(right - cover from Cri Du Coyote #127, and to the right of that Bernard Boyat's review from that issue - thanks Bernard!)

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Thanks to H. Gunther Hartig for the above review!
Review above! Thanks Per-Ingemar!

Bristol Rockin' - KN1023 (check out mp3 clips below) If you want to buy a download, or just check out clips of all the songs,
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Screaming In Tongues
Shuffle, Don't Run
Below is a YouTube clip of Marc singing "Sweet Little Boppin'Gal" from Bristol Rockin' with Wildfire Willie's Ramblers PLUS Boppin' Steve at the Rattlesnake Saloon in Munich!

I Got Twisted
Daily Grind
Below is a clip of Marc Bristol & Okie Doke doing "Let's Boogie," which appears on Bristol Rockin' in a more electric version with drums, Doug on piano, and "Vashon"Dave Conant on electric slide guitar. This version here is on the Live At The EMP CD. Orville Johnson on lead acoustic guitar.

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Songs: 1. Screaming In Tongues, 2. Sweet Little Boppin' Gal, 3. Let's Boogie, 4. Tappin' My Feet, 5. You've Got Something, 6. I Got Twisted, 7. Head With No Brains, 8. Mexican Food Song, 9. Waitin' & Hopin', 10. Ice Cream Fire, 11. The Daily Grind, 12. Shuffle, Don't Run

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