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Okie Doke Song List #3

(these are all original songs by Marc Bristol in our country repertoire, but we know a great number of tunes from familiar and also obscure artists. Just wanted you to know we write them, too. Most of these are recorded and available on CDs you'll find at these related sites. The others will be available soon!)

1. Goin' Down To The River

2. More Than One Night

3. Sweet Misery Moan

4. If You Really Love Me

5. My Way Is The Highway

6. Glad You Come To Visit (on the old bayou)

7. I Guess I'm Goin' Crazy

8. I'll Be Me, You Be You

9. Another Brokenhearted Country Song

10. The End Of The World

11. All Night Long With You

12. She Helped Me Get My Mind Off You

13. On The Edge Of Romance

15. Too Close For Comfort

16. Makin' Sweet Love To You

17. Waitin' And Hopin'

18. Leave Your Cares Behind

19. Addicted To Kissin'

20. White Trash Millionaire

21. Let's Boogie

22. You've Got Somethin'

23. Goin' To Waste

24. Calypso Zydeco

25. Sweet Honey Lulu

26. Waitin' Too Long (on your love)

27. Let Me Be Your Lovin' Man

28. Sweet Little Boppin' Gal

29. The Best Of Everything

30. Gonna Turn My Lovelight On

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