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Hank Williams once said you had to have surveyed a lot of ground over the back of a mule to sing Country Music. Marc never plowed behind a mule, but he did operate a hayrake behind a tractor on
a farm in Michigan in the summer of 1970. He was living in a canvas tent he had sewed himself by
hand at the time. The following summer, and for 2 years after Marc lived in a cabin in the Cascades
with no electricity, and no car. He installed gravity flow running water using a wooden nail keg and
200 feet of garden hose. The outhouse was on the hill behind the cabin. Although Marc moved to
town after a couple years, there was still an outhouse until Marc fixed the plumbing. Marc's son
Cedar was born in that house, and his daughter Beth was born at home in the next house they moved
to, near Duvall. That place, in the foothills of the Cascades, also had an outhouse for the first few months. The place around the corner they moved to after 5 years, built by one of Marc's bandmates, also had an outhouse. They were drinking water from the creek behind in both those places. The
next place, on a former 40 acre farm, had a well, and a pasture that occasionally rented out to cows, which Marc had to chase when they frequently got out.
So Marc knows a bit about life in the country - he's lived there since 1970.
These songs were all written out in the country.

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The Best Of Marc Bristol ­ Country, Vol. 1 ­ On The Edge Of Romance - KN1020 (check out mp3 clips below)

Marc sings "Sweet Misery Moan" at the Experience Music Project with Okie Doke back in 2002, opening for Asleep At The Wheel.  

Marc sings "Gonna Turn My Lovelight On" live in Canby, OR with Filé Gumbo back in 1995.
Here's Marc & Okie Doke doing "All Night Long With You" from On The Edge Of Romance: The Best Of Marc Bristol - Country, Vol. 1 - live at Duvall Days in 2011

Songs: 1. Makin' Sweet Love To You, 2. All Night Long With You, 3. I'll Be Me,You Be You, 4. My Way Is The Highway, 5. The Best Of Everything, 6. Gonna Turn My Lovelight On, 7. On The Edge Of Romance, 8. More Than One Night, 9. Crazy Mama (dancin' all nite long), 10. If You Really Love Me, 11. Guess I'm Goin' Crazy, 12. She Helped Me (get my mind off you), 13. Sweet Misery Moan, 14. Another Brokenhearted Country Song.

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Glad You Come To Visit: The Best of Marc Bristol Country, Vol. 2
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