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Smaller Space? Smaller Budget?

 How About the
Gumbo Twins??

Short form version of
Filé Gumbo

Available for: Parties, Clubs,
Cruises, Concerts, Festivals, etc.

We just opened for Asleep At The Wheel at the Triple Door (4/12&13/'16) Last time we opened for them at the EMP under the name Marc Bristol & Okie Doke as a 4 piece, but that live recording represents our sound as well as the 7 Filé Gumbo CDs - the latest of which is called "Live All Over The Place!" Go to the Filé Gumbo link above for other CDs, clips of songs, YouTube links etc.

Buy newest CD - Live All Over The Place!
Buy "Live At The EMP"


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Doug Bright - accordion, vocals
Marc Bristol - guitar, washboard, vocals
Also Available: Combo Gumbo
the trio version w/clarinet, guitar, harmonica

(The clarinet, guitar and harmonica are all musical instruments
that can be mastered with a music education.)

Upcoming Gigs
E-mail us (link to the left) if you'd like to be on the list to hear about our gigs!

The Gumbo Twins at Wired & Unplugged Coffeehouse 4/4/08. Gaby sits in on bass (left). Photos: Nancy K. Dillon