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Travelin' Mood - (check out mp3 clips below)

  Zydeco: Calypso Zydeco

Soul: You Let Your Main Man Down

 Cajun Waltz: My Sweet Octoroon

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Songs: 1. Travelin'Mood, 2. She Walks Right In, 3. Calypso Zydeco, 4. Poor Boy, 5. Mathilda, 6. My Way Is The Highway, 7. You Can Have Her, 8. My Sweet Octoroon, 9. Goin' To Waste, 10. That's Why I Cry, 11. Diggin' A Hole, 12. Love Me Back, 13. You Let Your Main Man Down, 14. Je Voudrais Marrier, 15. Lipstick Traces

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