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Bon Ton Two Tone - KN1007CD (check out mp3 clips below)

  Cajun: Glad You Come To Visit

 Funky Blues: Hatchet Headed Woman

Songs: 1. Glad You Come To Visit (on the ol bayou), 2. Ain't Nobody's Business, 3. J'ai Passais Devant TaPorte, 4. I Like It Like That, 5. Stagolee, 6. Check Mr. Popeye, 7. Hang Up My Rock'n'Roll Shoes, 8. Things That I Used To Do, 9. Crazy Mama (dancin' all nite long), 10. Jockey Blues, 11. Hatchet Headed Woman, 12. Big Chief From New Orleans, 13. I Gotta Let You Know*, 14. Grizzly Bear*

*bonus tracks - also included - video clips of "Fannie Mae" and "Everybody Wants To Laugh". cover art is new, and the tracks have been remastered!

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