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Homegrown Music - 1hour 20 minute DVD!! See video clips below. Buy it now! (button below)

Former Mother Earth News columnist and veteran Northwest performer/recording artist Marc Bristol has taught thousands of children (& adults too!) the basics of music making on the old homestead through his school assembly program “Homegrown Music - from the Horse & Buggy to the Edge of Space” Now the program is available in a 28 1/2 minute video for people of all ages who want to learn to make & play the washtub bass, washboard, jug and the musical saw - OR who just want to be entertained! Also featured in the program are songs from Marc Bristol with his jug band Blisswater and with Filé Gumbo - and now the DVD edition also features 47 more minutes of live performance video clips including Okie Doke and Filé Gumbo! Get ready to learn how to make your own entertainment from things you can find around the home, or scrounge from hardware stores and second hand shops! What better way to bring the friends & family together than a little home made musical jam!!

Okie Doke perfroming "Don't Be Blue" Live at Seattle's EMP - from the Bonus Features
Filé Gumbo plays "Sucker For A Cheap Guitar" at the EMP

$17.50 Postpaid to Canada Click here to buy now & ship to USA
Click here to buy now & ship to Europe, Japan, Australia

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