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Blue Suede News First 11 issues pdf editions!!


You can order any issue #1 thru #11 in PDF from here for $4.00 (Buy it now button below - also issues #16 and #17) - just specify which issue(s) you want in the message or E-mail BSN. Please e-mail us to specify which issue you're ordering if you are nuable to find the message place in the Paypal order! Issues #35 through #56 are also available in pdf, but for $7.50 as these issues have 68 pages and some are out of print in the original - the reprints are costly. Click here to order Issue #35 - #56 in PDF for $7.50 And issues #57 thru #119 are available for $5 each, all are e-mailed to you once we have recived your payment. Latest Issue in PDF form (or any issue #57 - 119 plus #30 and #31) by e-mail, only $5.00 anywhere in the world! Sorry that we don't yet have a system where you can download them immediately upon payment! Check our home page for newer issues.. These work fine on Barnes & Nobel's Nook, and should work well on ANY portable device that can play a PDF (which they all ought to do). Starting with #93 we had 4 extra pages of reviews in the digital editions through #103! iPad, Android, iPhone! Starting with issue #96, many more of the photos are in color in all the digital editions! The project of digitizing the back issues in ongoing and we may have at least started on the one you want if it's not listed as available yet, or be willing to do it next if you want to buy it!

Our first two years Blue Suede News was a free publication available at nightclubs, music stores, record stores and places like that, and we were only 16 pages, supported by advertising from bands, record stores, nightclubs, recording studios and other related businesses. Since the magazine was typeset on an IBM Selectric (except issue #6) it was never created digitally, and these pdfs are merely scans of the pages. While these issues were a little thin on feature stories, there are a few, and there are record and cassette reviews, lots of show reviews and a few essays on music topics, including "The Power Of Rock: The Rock musicisn as moder shaman" which editor/publisher Marc Bristol delivered as a paper at a Popular Culture Conference in Seattle a couple years after its publication.

We are planning to make these first 2 years available together as a book with value added in the form of an introduction and an index, and we can also offer to sell you all 11 (or all 100 of the available digital issues - any combination thereof) as a package deal - just e-mail us to inquire!

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If you'd like an issue e-mailed to you in PDF version which you can read on your computer or portable tablet device, smart phone WHATEVER - even blow up the type twice as big on your screen, you can pay us $4.00 Paypal for delivery of any individual issues #1 thru 11 plus #16 & 17 via e-mail ANYWHERE in the world! All issues from #69 to the current issue are available this way. PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH ISSUE IT IS YOU WANT US TO SEND EITHER IN A NOTE ON YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT OR IN AN E_MAIL TO US E-mail BSN . Files are generally in the 1.7 - 5 megabyte range (about the same size as an mp3) - so you need a high speed connection to download them in a reasonable time. We can also send them on a disc for an extra charge. Inquire if that's what you need, and we'll send a Paypal invoice for the disc version.

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